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Are you looking for artificial turf for your home or business? Artificial Turf in San Diego is a local company that connects homeowners and business owners with the best San Diego turf companies. We pride ourselves on only referring the highest quality, 5-star-rated companies in the area. We send you 2-3 referrals for the best in the business and a great discount code to apply to your project!

Receive your FREE referrals. With every referral, we email you a barcode for a 5-10% discount on your project!

Why You need an Experienced Artificial Turf Installer

Installing artificial turf requires a lot more than rolling out the grass and pinning it to the ground. The base has to be properly prepared to prevent drainage issues, bumps, and sinking. Cutting the turf, especially along the edges, and laying it can also be tricky. It really does take some skill to make the installation look natural and not like fake grass.

Whether a small garden project or a big commercial job, our referrals can get the job done right. They can save you money on costly mistakes and a lot of time with their experience. They know how to properly prepare the ground, hide seams, reduce waste, and complete the installation so it will last for years to come. Best of all, they can help you create the design and choose the right materials!

Benefits of Artificial Turf: San Diego Edition

Ever since the big drought, San Diego residents and business owners are turning to artificial turf to keep their landscape green. Water usage (and water bills!) go way down, but that’s not the only benefit fake grass provides. When choosing synthetic turf, San Diego residents also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Doing their part to conserve California’s water

  • Lower water bill by 25-50% on average (maybe more!)

  • Easier maintenance

  • Cheaper maintenance

  • No more mowing

  • No more fertilizing

  • More creative landscape design options

Types of Artificial Grass

There are many types of artificial turf. The type of  artificial turf you need depends on your project, and there are a lot of variables to consider. The turf blends come in different blade lengths, texture, colors and more. A professional San Diego artificial turf installer can advise you on the different options for your project.

Synthetic Grass Projects

  • Landscape

  • Pet Systems

  • Golf & Putting

  • Playscapes

  • and more!

Artificial Turf Maintenance

“Maintenance” is almost too strong a word to describe caring for your synthetic turf. The amount of care required depends on your situation, but a little TLC goes a long way. If your turf is used by kids or pets, surrounded by trees, or in a dusty area, it might need a little more attention to keep it free of debris. If your turf isn’t exposed as much to outside elements or doesn’t have a lot of foot traffic, then maintenance is even quicker and easier.

Basic maintenance:

  • Clear debris, like leaves, with a rake or leaf blower as needed

  • Gently spray it with a hose each week to remove dust, dirt, or pollen

  • Clean up after your furry pets by regular scooping and weekly rinsing

  • For spills of any sort, a bit of water should wash it away

  • For tougher spills, mild soap with lukewarm water should do the trick

DIY vs. Professional San Diego Artificial Grass Installation

You are likely opting for artificial grass because it will make your life easier. So why not make the installation easy? The contractors we refer offer competitive pricing for the best quality of work. You would be amazed at how quickly and how affordably they can get it done. You might as well get free estimates to compare to doing the work yourself. What have you got to lose?

Finding a San Diego Turf Company You Can Trust

If you are going to save your back and hire a professional, you want the best San Diego turf company you can find. But how do you find them? That’s where we come in. We have been established in the local construction industry for over a decade. We know which companies you can trust, who will get the job done right for the right price.

Artificial Turf San Diego prides itself on referring only the most dependable turf companies that rate five stars across the board for quality of work and quality of service.

Easy Guide to Hiring a Top-Rated Artificial Turf Installer

  1. Request your FREE referrals (LINK). Within 24 hours, you will receive 2-3 referrals that are licensed, bonded, insured, and 5-star rated.

  2. Contact the referrals we send you and request written estimates and samples for your project. Be sure to mention Artificial Turf San Diego to receive a 5-10% discount on your next project!

  3. Compare the estimates “apples to apples,” including the start dates and job duration.

  4. Sign the contract and approve the sample(s).

  5. Enjoy your new landscape!

Don’t waste your time and energy on a long list of potential installers. Get your FREE REFERRALS and 5-10% discount (LINK) today for the shortlist of San Diego artificial turf companies that are proven and top-rated.


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